Monday, February 7, 2011

Why I've Been MIA & How you can help :)

I first stopped blogging because I started school. But now Stuart is doing his master’s so I am done with school for a few months till it’s my turn again. So I thought I should get back on the ball with updating pictures and such. But then the whole purpose of my blog was to some day make a book out of it. From things I’ve read and people I’ve talked to it becomes double the work. I had to first put it into blogger (which is not very user friendly and takes forever to upload the picture quality I want) then I have to move it all over to another format for the book. It’s just too much time wasted! So I decided to stop the blog and just make the book. I am up to date on my kid’s books and love that feeling. Every year I will give my kids their own book of pictures and memories for Christmas. (I do it through Costco) They look at their books every day and love talking about “when they were babies.” Ginny is so funny with Jaxon’s baby book and constantly kisses it saying, “Oooo Baby!”

Then I got that all organized and thought I might update for any fans out there… then about 2 weeks ago I found out Jaxon is allergic to WHEAT & EGGS!!

WHAT?! Seriously?! I already hate to cook and now I am forced to cook because it costs way to much other wise and there are not a whole lot of places that give these options without outrageous prices. (at least not that I have found yet)

So my new journey, which takes up all my time and energy, is finding good recipes and snacks that he can enjoy. If any of you have good information that you can send my way I would greatly appreciate it.

I feel so blessed to have the internet and all the information so easily accessible. I am finding that sprouts will be my new favorite store and that we are going to have to budget better with how expensive this is. Overall, I feel so blessed to finally know what’s been up with my little guy. He has been sick his whole life and I can’t help but think this has something to do with it.

I’ll give more updates once I feel like I’ve got this under control :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

May 2010

We have had some fun over the last few months. Here are some of the fun times we have had.
This is my little sister Camie. I admire her so much. First of all she runs cross country... need I say more? Secondly, she is so strong spiritually. She knows who she is and what she wants in life and nothing can hold her back. Third of all, she said NO to a boy that she likes who asked if he could kiss her. I mean honestly, that is tough to do. Especially when all your friends have kissed people. I am so proud of you Camie. You are so strong and will accomplish some great things throughout your life. I love you little sister!
Jaxon's marshmallow train with "pickles" (toothpicks) holding it all together.

Emily - Ginny and Jaxon's favorite friend

Yes, that is my 3 year old jumping off a 10+ foot rock. He is so fun.
His dad could not be more proud!

Memorial Day at the Cemetery

Kids Club at the mall with Payton, Ben and Chelsea

Kaden won the prize at the end for the third time!!
I need his luck to rub off on me!

We got to see the Mollenhauer's while they were here.
Their girls are so cute!

Gracie really wanted me to take her picture :)

Kelly with her boys...

Jared and Jaxon being silly for the picture

Yes, that is Jaxon's score on WII bowling.
225! A strike or spare the whole game!

Ginny was running away from me and got this nasty owie!
She still has a scar on her nose from it. I hope it eventually fades.

On the trampoline with our new toy...
we do this at least once a day now that it is blazing hot!

Channel 12 News - At the AZ Museum for Youth

I love these kids!

And I especially love that smile! :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

7 Years Ago Today

This morning I woke up and hurried to get to the temple on time. I made it. I sat in the temple thinking about my life. I am so blessed. I thanked my Heavenly Father for my blessings. I noticed the woman sitting in front of me was wearing the same temple dress. I smiled. The dress I was wearing used to be my moms temple dress. It is so special to me. I wished my mom was sitting there wearing that dress. My dad told me that she had lost her husband only two weeks ago. I wept. I remembered those feelings of what it was like when my mom first died. It was empty. I got to hug the woman and I lost it. I felt privileged to be in her presence and strength. I tried to stay strong for her. I whispered, “It gets easier.” She looked in my eyes and believed what I was saying. She was so strong. Her spirit touched my soul. I want her courage and strength. How, when all is lost, do we get up and keep going? She was a perfect example of what I hope I could be in a situation like that. I wanted to talk to her and let her pour her spirit upon me. She was full of the strength of God. She knows and understands the eternal plan. She will get to embrace her husband again. The thought of losing my husband and being alone makes my heart hurt for her. I love having my best friend by my side each and every night. All day today I have been thinking of that woman. I do not even know her name. I know there are many others who have experienced loss. It is hard. We have to have faith and remember the plan is eternal. That is where I find peace.

I sat in the celestial room and thought of what my mom is doing on the other side. If I know my mom she is singing and serving with those big blue eyes and those dimples. Oh how I miss them. I cannot believe that 7 years ago today I lost my mom. It has taken forever yet it has flown by. Sometimes I wish I could hear her sing again or even just hear her laugh. I have been blessed with many tender moments that I know she is there with me. She is still raising Camie and Derek. She still gets to enjoy moments with us. I know she would have it no other way. Camie and Derek are such strong people. I admire their courage and faith.

I have decided that there is no one on earth who loves us like our moms do. So today I remember my mom and her laughing until she would pee her pants. I remember a mom who went to every single basketball game, choir concert, track and field meet and mother daughter day. I remember a mom who devoted her life to God. She did not have to wonder when saying goodbye to us if she was going to get to influence our lives on the other side. She did not wait to fill her lamp with oil, her lamp was overflowing. What a legacy she left behind to me and my children. It is such an honor to have my little girl named Ginny.

Mom, thanks for your legacy.
I hope I can be like you when I grow up!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cannon's Talent Show

Cannon was in a talent show at school. We went to go support. He played the piano like a professional. I could not believe how good he did. He was not nervous at all. Good job Cannon! We are so proud of you!

Kid Fun

Sometimes I just watch my family and think how lucky we are. We have got two beautiful healthy children. They are our lives. I mean seriously, how much luckier can we get? I remember thinking that I was not sure how I was going to love another child as much as I loved Jaxon. Now that I have her I get it. Ginny is so sweet and loving. She cuddles and laughs and can light up a room. People are drawn to her.
Jaxon is so funny. He says the funniest things that I just cannot get over. He is so fun to play with and he has the best imagination.

Jaxon is now potty trained. I think that is why I have not posted in so long is because I was busy sitting in the bathroom trying to get him to go #2. He has had #1 down for a while now but he finally decided to do it. All I had to do was find the proper motivation.
Jaxon's Motivation: If you go poo or pee in your buzz you cannot wear him.
And tada! The next day he pooped in the toilet so that he could wear buzz again. It is crazy what kind of things will get your kids to do things. He also got to open a little present every time he went poo in the toilet. Now, a month later, he is finally doing it all on his own.
Oh, it was so worth it... now! :)

This is Jaxon and Ginny's silly faces.
Yes, Ginny is trying to eat her toes.

Of course you have to have a silly face in there.

The kids love it when dad plays with them. He is just so much more fun than I am. Jaxon gets to wrestle and jump on the couch and be rough and Ginny really just enjoys watching them.

Sunday Best

Here is my Jaxon Reece all ready to go to church. He thought he was going to school
and that is why he agreed to get out of his Buzz outfit but we will take what we
can get. He is so stinking cute. That smile of his just makes me melt.
He is sure to break some hearts with that smile of his.

Weekend Getaway

Even today when I think about it I sigh from how much fun we had. It has been a long time since Stuart and I got away for a weekend. So we did it. We stayed at the Hilton near Fashion Square Mall and we had fun. It was just an over nighter but enough to rejuvenate me. I tell you what, every married couple, with or with out kids needs to do this more often. Stuart and I just got to focus on each other. I cannot remember the last time we did that for longer than an hour at dinner. We went to a movie, shopped, and just talked. It was not anything expensive or out of the ordinary but it was just perfect. Thank you Stuart for setting it all up and taking me out. We need to this more often.

We did not take enough pictures but as you can tell I was the one
behind the camera. Good times.

Ginny's First Hospital Visit

Ginny was sick with a runny nose and I thought an ear infection. She had been waking up at 4 a.m. a couple of days now really unhappy. But a week ago she woke up and was labor breathing. I could tell that there was something seriously wrong. I did not want to be all crazy so I called the on call nurse and she told me to come in immediately. So I did and my doctor was very concerned. She sent me immediately to the hospital and called ahead so they would be ready for us when we got there. We went inside and the lady checking us in said that she was surprised my doctor didn't call an ambulance with how difficult it was for Ginny to breath. At this point I was very concerned. She was not turning blue or anything but you could tell she was not feeling well. She was letting me hold her and just laying very still.

We were taken back into a room and she was given 3 breathing treatments in a row along with some lung therapy. (they pound her back with a little drum thing) They sucked out some of the mucus and tested it. They also took x-rays to see if she had pneumonia.

I was praying this whole time she was going to be okay. The doctor said that if she did not improve dramatically they were going to keep her over night. Well we had our little miracle. She did not have RSV or pneumonia. I was shocked. Then she started to become herself again. She was "talking" and wanting to run around. They put us in the observation room to make sure she would be okay after they stopped the breathing treatments. She loved it in there. She was allowed to walk around and eat food and play with toys. She kept walking into the hall way and waiving to the nurses and doctors.

Finally the doctor came in and told us we could leave. What a blessing! I had to continue the treatments at home but was happy to do so. When he said good bye Ginny blew him a kiss and waived good bye. This little girl was getting all the nurses and doctors to fall in love with her. They would all come by as often as they could so that she would waive to them. Too funny. I love my Ginny Lynn. She is doing much better now and is sleeping better too. Which I am very grateful for.

Luke's Buzz Party

Maryjane is so amazing with everything she does. Luke turned 3 and loves buzz so she had a Buzz party for him. Jaxon was of course dress for the occasion and had a blast at this party. Seriously, she did so much fun stuff. First it was an obstacle course. (sorry no pictures) Then it was balloon popping with confetti inside. Then it was a bean bag toss and of course pictures with Jesse, Buzz and Woody. Jaxon was in heaven. For those of you who don't know Jaxon is obsessed with Buzz and wants to wear him every day. I have to bribe him to wear other things. It was funny at first and now it is just too much laundry. Someday I will get to tease him about it! hehe

Aunt Nat, Uncle Bryan, and Stuart
Ginny, Jaxon and Stu

Mom, Jaxon and Stu

Ginny sporting her new style.

Here is Jaxon tossing the bean bags into the toy story faces. He loved it.

Ginny's First Hair Cut

Most of the Wilson family have kids with so much hair you do not know what to do with it. Mine and Stuart's kids have no hair until they are about a year old. Sorry Stu, they get that from my side of the family :) Here is our Ginny Lynn loving her first hair cut. She loved all the attention and even loved having Nat cut her hair. Jaxon just started to like and be happy while getting his hair cut. He is almost 3 years old by the way. I guess the good thing about that is we do not have to start getting hair cuts until they are after 1 year old! We've got to stick to the positives right?
Ginny with her artist Aunt Nat
The end product... LOVE IT!

Ginny enjoying a little squirt in the mouth

She is actually sitting very still and loving all the attention.