Monday, February 7, 2011

Why I've Been MIA & How you can help :)

I first stopped blogging because I started school. But now Stuart is doing his master’s so I am done with school for a few months till it’s my turn again. So I thought I should get back on the ball with updating pictures and such. But then the whole purpose of my blog was to some day make a book out of it. From things I’ve read and people I’ve talked to it becomes double the work. I had to first put it into blogger (which is not very user friendly and takes forever to upload the picture quality I want) then I have to move it all over to another format for the book. It’s just too much time wasted! So I decided to stop the blog and just make the book. I am up to date on my kid’s books and love that feeling. Every year I will give my kids their own book of pictures and memories for Christmas. (I do it through Costco) They look at their books every day and love talking about “when they were babies.” Ginny is so funny with Jaxon’s baby book and constantly kisses it saying, “Oooo Baby!”

Then I got that all organized and thought I might update for any fans out there… then about 2 weeks ago I found out Jaxon is allergic to WHEAT & EGGS!!

WHAT?! Seriously?! I already hate to cook and now I am forced to cook because it costs way to much other wise and there are not a whole lot of places that give these options without outrageous prices. (at least not that I have found yet)

So my new journey, which takes up all my time and energy, is finding good recipes and snacks that he can enjoy. If any of you have good information that you can send my way I would greatly appreciate it.

I feel so blessed to have the internet and all the information so easily accessible. I am finding that sprouts will be my new favorite store and that we are going to have to budget better with how expensive this is. Overall, I feel so blessed to finally know what’s been up with my little guy. He has been sick his whole life and I can’t help but think this has something to do with it.

I’ll give more updates once I feel like I’ve got this under control :)


LKP said...

whew! girl. you ain't kidding. food allergies have the tendency to suck the life outta not only the one allergic but also the one who has to accommodate those allergies in the kitchen! we know EXACTLY how that feels here. as for great resources, have you found yet? karina is amazingly talented and her story's amazing. she also is vegan so she doesn't use eggs. plus, did you know you can use flaxseed as a great substitute for eggs? it's awesome. here's the link for a quick recipe for it:
hope that helps! ::hugs::

LKP said...

ooh, p.s. i forgot to tell you about "living without" magazine ( and life tastes good again (blog: & cookbook: up with betsy and her siblings in richland. great recipes there. also, i LIVE & enjoy life thanks to this buckwheat pancake recipe: isn't even related to wheat. it's a relative of rhubarb! :)

the Gardners said...

I'd love to see what your books look like. I've heard the trauma with creating the blog books. Fortunately, I have waited (or forced to wait budgetwise =D ) a few years to see how everyone's turned out and if any improvements have come around.

Allred's said...

How did you figure it was wheat and eggs after all this time? and could he be allergic to more foods? That's crazy. I hope that things get better.

Marium said...

I know this might sound crazy, but look into acupressure. John and I have both been doing treatments for various things. My friend that does this had a little girl that was so sick and couldn't eat hardly anything! She was an RN and looked into many things before she came across this. She was very skeptical till her daughter had a few treatments and can now eat most anything.It's not very expensive and worth looking into. Hope we see you this summer in Utah the reunion.