Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Luke's Buzz Party

Maryjane is so amazing with everything she does. Luke turned 3 and loves buzz so she had a Buzz party for him. Jaxon was of course dress for the occasion and had a blast at this party. Seriously, she did so much fun stuff. First it was an obstacle course. (sorry no pictures) Then it was balloon popping with confetti inside. Then it was a bean bag toss and of course pictures with Jesse, Buzz and Woody. Jaxon was in heaven. For those of you who don't know Jaxon is obsessed with Buzz and wants to wear him every day. I have to bribe him to wear other things. It was funny at first and now it is just too much laundry. Someday I will get to tease him about it! hehe

Aunt Nat, Uncle Bryan, and Stuart
Ginny, Jaxon and Stu

Mom, Jaxon and Stu

Ginny sporting her new style.

Here is Jaxon tossing the bean bags into the toy story faces. He loved it.

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