Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Weekend Getaway

Even today when I think about it I sigh from how much fun we had. It has been a long time since Stuart and I got away for a weekend. So we did it. We stayed at the Hilton near Fashion Square Mall and we had fun. It was just an over nighter but enough to rejuvenate me. I tell you what, every married couple, with or with out kids needs to do this more often. Stuart and I just got to focus on each other. I cannot remember the last time we did that for longer than an hour at dinner. We went to a movie, shopped, and just talked. It was not anything expensive or out of the ordinary but it was just perfect. Thank you Stuart for setting it all up and taking me out. We need to this more often.

We did not take enough pictures but as you can tell I was the one
behind the camera. Good times.

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